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The Landfleischerei Schmitz is a family business from the beautiful Eifel and one of our valued customers. Animal welfare and species-appropriate husbandry have top priority for them, as well as a completely independent production! You work with a small group of regional and exemplary partner farms, all of which place great value on quality and species-appropriate husbandry. That is why we are so happy to work with you to increase your awareness both in the region and more widely.

Marketing, Werbung, Websites, Fotobox, Anzeigen & Druckprodukte, Logos, Imagevideos, Fotoshootings, Eventplanung, Facebook Kurse und mehr...

Ihre Marketingagentur in Bitburg, Prüm, Trier, Luxemburg und der Eifel.

Marketing, Werbung, Websites, Fotobox, Anzeigen & Druckprodukte, Logos, Imagevideos, Fotoshootings, Eventplanung, Facebook Kurse und mehr...

Ihre Marketingagentur in Bitburg, Prüm, Trier, Luxemburg und der Eifel.


An image film or trailer is the perfect marketing tool to show your customers what is important to you. That is why we put a lot of love into the details of the Schmitz family film, because that is incredibly important to the butcher's business with their products. And the best thing about it: 100% EIFEL!

A good website is indispensable nowadays in order to be accessible to customers and to present oneself online. The Landfleischerei's website has all the latest offers, information about the origin of the products and everything you need to know about the company, the partners and the employees. Anyone interested in the high quality and incredibly delicious products of the butcher's shop should definitely take a look at the website and stop by one of the branches in the Bitburg-Prüm district. When creating the website, we attached great importance to presenting all important information as bundled and vividly as possible, while at the same time reflecting the character and convictions of the family business.

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The original logo of Landfleischerei Schmitz was out of date at the beginning of our cooperation and no longer matched the modern views of the company. So we decided to redesign where we kept the original elements of the logo, but adapted them with a modern touch.

The golden color reflects the high quality standards of the family business.

The logo can of course be seen on all packaging and other products and is therefore an incredibly important part of the brand identity and brand identity.


Flyers, business cards, posters, banners, brochures, booklets, stickers, flags, labels, foils ... These are all printed products that also play a major role in external presentation for a butcher shop. Corporate identity is important to us for the butcher's shop and also for our other customers. All print products that we create for our customers should have a recognition value. At Schmitz, we often work with golden bars and slate elements. Of course, the logo cannot be missing on the printed products either.


Photos are important on the butcher's social media channels as well as on the website and print products. It is therefore advisable to take the time to create high-quality recordings. The competition is particularly strong in the catering industry, so you have to stand out from the crowd with the best quality and fantastic service. We like to help our customers to show the best of themselves so that they get the chance to convince their customers of the outstanding quality of their products.


Search Engine Organization, or SEO for short, describes the technical and content optimization of a website with the aim of placing it as high as possible on the search results page. For Landfleischerei Schmitz it is important to be listed on the search results page when a potential customer searches for the term "butchery" or "Landfleischerei Eifel". By optimizing your website, we achieved a very good Google ranking for the website.

These are the search result pages if you search for "butcher" or "country butcher":

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