Would you like a neutral, honest and competent assessment of your current marketing and sales situation? Then book us as your local marketing agency. We prepare for an initial meeting with you using an online and environment analysis. We find out how you are positioned on the web and what the competition is saying, how well your search engine marketing works, both your on-page and your off-page activities. In addition, we examine your handling in the area of social media, your spellings, keywords, images and more. How does your company work for an outside person? We'll tell you! We come to talk to you on site and give you feedback as well as many useful ideas and suggestions for improvement, but also tell you what is already perfect and where you shouldn't invest any more time. Our marketing check will help you get active!

Benefit from our marketing check, take everything you need with you. We will then be happy to prepare an offer for you with measures, contacts and tools that you need to get started.

Marketing, Werbung, Websites, Fotobox, Anzeigen & Druckprodukte, Logos, Imagevideos, Fotoshootings, Eventplanung, Facebook Kurse und mehr...

Ihre Marketingagentur in Bitburg, Prüm, Trier, Luxemburg und der Eifel.

Marketing, Werbung, Websites, Fotobox, Anzeigen & Druckprodukte, Logos, Imagevideos, Fotoshootings, Eventplanung, Facebook Kurse und mehr...

Ihre Marketingagentur in Bitburg, Prüm, Trier, Luxemburg und der Eifel.


A few years ago, creating a website was a priceless commodity. Some were able to go online with a website, but design and corporate identity were neglected. An attractive website with a corresponding web design is a MUST nowadays. We implement it for you as a website designer and then look after you with a fair maintenance contract. Or would you like to manage your homepage yourself? No problem, we will create the website for you using a modular system. Our website does not contain any hidden costs. Subsequent changes are offered fairly according to the effort. Of course, the websites we create are responsive (i.e. optimally displayed on all devices). With our know-how in web design and search engine optimization, we ensure improved ranking results on Google and Co.

We are even happy to take pictures of your premises (photo shoots and video material).

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SEO - search engine optimization

Your company will achieve measurable success through an improved Google ranking. There are measures that are free in themselves, but should be set up by marketing agencies like us. We will put together a detailed "ToDo" list for you and will be happy to implement it for you. We use various tools for this and are in contact with top Google experts (SEO Bitburg).

Another possibility are the so-called paid ads, i.e. paid advertising that you can place on Google.

We also offer you the "Location Marketing Cloud" service to manage your locations online.

What if you do nothing? First of all, nothing. You continue to enjoy your coffee. But then competitors come along and they could overtake you on Google and compete for business. It is important to avoid this and to deal with the topic of search engine optimization at an early stage.

We work with a specially trained Google AdWords expert! With us you benefit from individual advice and ongoing support for your Google Ads campaign. Thanks to our experience in the field of search engine advertising (SEA), we offer you professional advice and implementation by our certified Google Ads specialists. In doing so , we completely dispense with the otherwise customary contract periods!

Search engine optimization does not start after the website is completed, but well before that. There are four important factors involved:

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  • Exhibition stand conception

  • Exhibition design, exhibition stand construction, events Bitburg

  • Exhibition construction partner

  • Accompanying internal and external communication.

  • Project management

  • Catering partner

  • Visitor advertising

  • Give-aways, promotional items, customer gifts



We are at home in social networks. We communicate with your community at eye level, develop creative postings or entire campaigns & strategies - whether as a full service or in individual areas. Gain fans and followers with our help. Exciting and sustainable interactions take place on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Xing, LinkedIn and Twitter. What is still missing now? She!

We work with you to develop a social media strategy, find the right channels for you, develop recognition and improve the image. Paid advertising is also extremely interesting on social media. We also offer know-how for so-called cross-posting tools with which you can record several channels at the same time!



Customer loyalty

How do you ensure that your customers can easily reach you on all channels? What are the options? How do you keep the effort manageable?

From professional newsletters to cross-posting tools to your own broadcast. The choice of the right communication channel for you is extremely important in order to remain authentic, to be able to react in a customer-oriented manner and to be remembered without creating too much effort for yourself.

We show you how to improve your customer communication and create customer loyalty through real added value.


Many companies rely on chance when it comes to marketing and only work very reactively. You place an advertisement here, a brochure there and occasionally write an e-mail: The customers will come from somewhere! However, it is more efficient and cheaper to conduct marketing in a systematic and structured manner. This is exactly what you need a marketing plan that shows the company's market positioning. Every strategic decision basically depends on the assessment of the situation on the market as well as the own situation of a company. The first step in a strategic marketing process is therefore a strategic analysis in which both areas, i.e. your own company as well as the market and environmental situation, are taken into account and systematically analyzed. Before determining the marketing strategies, the company needs to have its own corporate strategies on how the company will behave in the market. Marketing agencies like Tautges Marketing specialize in this.

Market penetration - product development - market development - diversification

We'll show you how!



Flyers, business cards, posters, banners, brochures, booklets, stickers, flags ... We will get you your advertising material and will be happy to create your layout for you! Let yourself be surprised by the variety of your options. We work with local printing companies who stand for the best print quality. You also have the option of purchasing your products online.

Are you missing the right idea for your doctorate? Then contact us! We know the wide range of print products and are happy to advise you.


Would you like to refresh or revise your logo? You don't have a logo yet and would like one that has been professionally designed by a graphic designer and that doesn't look like "homemade"? Our media designers develop your very own logo. You will be given several designs to choose from and will work out the best.

You also need a very individual recognition for your project. We consistently implement the corporate identity (CI) from the business card to your flyer to the homepage. Contact us!



  • With us as a marketing agency, you can generate recognition through unique and appropriate image statements. We have the photography directly with us in the advertising agency and provide you with strong contacts for special inquiries. Short distances and images conceived in the layout from the start enrich your presence in print and web. Our network repertoire ranges from classic product photos to emotional industrial photos.

  • Image photography

  • Product photography

  • People photography

  • Architectural photography

  • Industrial photography

  • Photo design

  • Advertising photography

  • Food photography

Regardless of whether it is rooms, objects, products or people. You need photos, we will take care of them. Photos for the homepage, for flyers or just like that. With a professional photographer on board you will get what you are looking for. In a professional video, information is conveyed, emotions triggered and needs aroused in just a few seconds. We realize YouTube and cinema spots, image videos and product videos or explanatory videos. With professional speakers on request.

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Image films are your means of choice if you want to secure the attention you deserve and find the way into the hearts of your target group.

An image film is a short film in which your company, brand or institution is portrayed and advertised. Anyone who uses image films would like to have a positive impact on the external impact - the “image” - of their company and provide targeted information to the viewer.

From funny anecdotes about the founding of the company, impressions from the production facility or snapshots from the last company anniversary - in terms of content, everything is allowed in image films that pleases the audience and arouses sympathy with the audience. Because in addition to the image-shaping effect, image films should above all arouse trust and bind the viewer emotionally to the company or the brand.

As is so often the case, there is no general answer to who will be considered as a viewer of your image film, but depends on you and your desired purpose.


Social Media (Facebook, Instgagram & Co)

Lernen Sie in unserem halbtägigen Social-Media-Seminar anhand zahlreicher Praxisbeispiele, wie Sie Social Media gezielt und nachhaltig für Ihr Unternehmen einsetzen können. Nach unserem Seminar wissen Sie, wo Sie Ihre Zielgruppe in sozialen Netzwerken erreichen und wie Sie diese zu Fans & Followern machen. Sie erhalten einen Überblick über die wichtigsten Social-Media-Plattformen und erfahren, wofür Sie jede Einzelne nutzen können. Sie erfahren, wie wichtig Anzeigenschaltung als Baustein der Social-Media-Strategie ist.

Basics "Fotografieren mit der Spiegelreflexkamera"

Um das Handwerk der Fotografie richtig zu erlernen, muss man erst einmal das Fachchinesisch entschlüsseln... Daher dreht sich im Seminar alles um die Fragen nach den richtigen Kameraeinstellungen, dem Fotografieren im manuellen Modus und darum, welches Equipment Sie wirklich benötigen um richtig loslegen zu können. Wir zeigen Ihnen auf verständliche Weise, wie Sie die Programmautomatiken Ihrer Fotokamera ab sofort vernachlässigen können und stattdessen die vielen Funktionen Ihrer Kamera bewusst einsetzen.

Basics Bildbearbeitung (Photoshop, Ligthroom & Co)

Photoshop ist Teil der Adobe Creative Cloud CC. In diesem Photoshop Grundlagen - Seminar wird Ihnen gezeigt, wie Sie mit Photoshop Bilder optimieren und bestehende Bilder verändern können. Sie erlernen die grundlegenden Techniken, die nötig sind, um mit Photoshop Ihre Bilder zu verfeinern, verändern, retuschieren und zu "entstören" (zum Beispiel Kratzer etc. entfernen). Die Vermittlung von Kenntnissen für den Umgang mit Bildmontagen und Textintegration rundet das Seminar ab.

Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)

Als Reseller von Office 365 verstehen wir unser Handwerk in Sachen Excel, Word, PowerPoint und Co. Sie wollen Ihre Mitarbeiter schulen oder erst einmal nur die besagten Programme einführen? Dann sind Sie bei uns genau richtig. Wir bringen Ihnen die Grundlagen der Office-Produkte bei, gerne bei Ihnen vor Ort, und schulen Sie und Ihre Mitarbeiter nach Wunsch. Gerne erarbeiten wir ein passendes Angebot für Sie.



Renting a photo box at Fotobox-Eifel is great fun for weddings, birthdays, company celebrations and more. The selfie box takes great photos of your guests and prints them out immediately. Book the photo booth online for Trier, Bitburg-Prüm, the Eifel or Luxembourg. With the photo box (photo machine, snap box, photo booth), your guests can make funny self-portraits in front of a mobile photo studio, and it's very easy and self-explanatory. A monitor, a reflex camera, a photo flash, a button and an instant printer are installed in the photo box. Press the button and off you go: while your guests see each other on the screen, the countdown to the first photo is running ... uuuund BLITZ! Then the others follow. After the last photo, the images are automatically printed out. This can be done both in postcard format and in strip format in duplicate like in a photo booth. www.fotobox-eifel.com

Now new: the photo box camper

The Fotobox-Camper from Fotobox-Eifel is an iconic caravan that has been lovingly converted into a photo booth. Ideal for every wedding & celebration in the Luxembourg, Eifel, Bitburg-Prüm, Trier area.
The photo box camper can be rented from June 15, 2019. Further information follows!


Would you like to have your own app created for your company? An app provides your customers with information, collects feedback and completes your online presence. We can design your app so that you can fill it with content and administrate it yourself, without any programming work.

Are you interested? Then contact us!


Election campaign

Over the past few years we have accompanied and designed various election campaigns in the Eifel. We looked after the Mayor of the Association of Municipalities, Andreas Kruppert, and City Mayor Johannes Reuschen, the FWG Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm and were also involved in other mayoral elections. In addition, we will oversee Michael Ludwig's election campaign for the state elections in 2020/2021.

Here you can see various media that we have created. This includes photo shoots, flyers, videos, posters, banners and more.

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